Stars Live in Manila


Just so you know, before anything else, this post is waaaay behindhand. This event happened like 3 months ago and I’m just posting about it now.

So, yes. Stars of Montreal had a concert here in Manila and it was incredibly awesome. No sitting provision had been pursued which, I think, added up to the awesomeness of the event. Just imagine the exhilaration of the crowd during the whole show. My friend and I especially took advantage of that wondrous policy. Given that we were two short girls trying our luck making it in front to see the show and all the band members in very near and full view, we really had to strategically maneuver amidst the innumerable fans all hungry for the imminent presence of someone they greatly admire and love.

It started around 9 in the evening (I think? I really can’t remember anymore.) with Outerhope and Ciudad, respectively, as opening acts. I remember the first time I heard songs from these two bands when I watched ‘Ang Nawawala’ – a Filipino film which, for those who haven’t checked it out yet, should start checking it out now.




After that, Stars already came out with Torq, one of the frontmen, holding the microphone high at once for all of us. They sang songs from their latest album, ‘The North’, and, of course, the all-time audience favourites like ‘Calendar Girl’, ‘Your Ex-Lover is Dead’, ‘Dead Hearts’, and ‘We Don’t Want Your Body’, amongst others.








Overall, my friend and I, and all the other fans who gathered at Metrotent, had a blast. The band, too, said they really had a good time playing for all us, Filipino fans. They, especially Torq, kept saying that they love the Philippines and will definitely come back here soon to give another unforgettable show. I’m really looking forward to that.





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One of my favourite boys, aside from my dad and my younger brother :)

P.S. I’m practically a bum for a week now, and rekindling this blog will be a big help to stir up my own self and be productive again. So, expect more posts from me starting this week. Yay! :)